Configure bounces

When an email could not be delivered to the recipient it gets bounced back to the Flexmail's servers. Here you can set up how many times a contact can bounce before it's considered to be a bounced out contact. You can also choose what should happen when a contact is bounced out.

  1. To configure bounces, go to Settings > Manage bounce settings section in your account. 

  2. Here you can indicate how many times a contact can bounce for both soft and hard bounces before they get the status 'bounced out'. By default, the number of bounces allowed before a contact gets the status 'bounced out' is 3 for both soft and hard bounces.
  3. Then you can choose what would happen after a contact bounces the specified amount of times. You can choose to remove them from your account or to add them to the blacklist.

    Support tip
    We recommend adding bounced out contacts to your blacklist instead of completely removing them from your account. If you completely
    remove them from your account, you risk accidentally reimporting them again when adding a new import of contacts. 

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