Example workflow: Welcome series

Send a series of messages or a mini guide when a contact subscribes using your opt-in form.

The welcome series in the advanced version of a welcome email. Using this flow you won’t be just sending one campaign after someone fills out your opt-in form, but three.

To convert as many website visitors into contact on your mailing list, it is always a good idea to give something away for free. That can be a discount, but it could also be a free whitepaper, consultation or e-book.

Would you like to offer your potential contacts even more value? In that case, you could also opt for a mini-guide. Your contacts will receive a new part of your mini guide on regular intervals. That way you’ll train your contacts to expect valuable information from you. It’s best to end every message in your series with a strong call to action.

A great follow-up system after a subscription has a very big impact on your open and click rates. Using this standard Workflow, you can easily set up your welcome series with mini course.

In this flow you’ll use the start block to select to which (these) opt-in form(s) this flow applies. Did you already place on opt-in form on your website? You can select in that same start block you also wish to send this welcome message to contacts who were already subscribed by checking the accompanying checkbox.

In this example we’ll send the first message of our mini-course immediately after the subscription. In the campaign block you need to fill out the sending information and the subject line, and select the message you wish to send from the list.

You can use the wait blocks to select how long you wish to wait in between every campaign of your welcome series. In this example we’ll wait a week, but you can also opt to wait for hours, days, weeks or months.

This welcome series consists of three campaigns. Would you like to add additional steps to your mini course? In that case, you can still easily add new wait and campaign blocks by clicking on the plus-icon.

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