Example workflow: Welcome message

Send a welcome message whenever a contact subscribes through your opt-in form.

The relationship you have with your contacts is essential when building a quality list. This standard flow could very well be one of the most important lifecycle campaigns that you can set up. The idea here is that you show your contacts that you want to get to know them, so they can trust you and open your emails. 

Contacts who subscribe through your opt-in form should get a warm welcome from you. Using a welcome email you can present them interesting content right from the start, like your office hours for example, the frequency of your newsletters, and/or interesting blog articles. Share your best content right from the start. Make your new contacts feel happy they joined your list.

To convert as many website visitors to newsletter contacts as possible, you could also consider giving away a discount or a piece of free content. When they subscribed, you can use your welcome message to wrap your free content in.

In this flow you click on the start block to select to which opt-in form(s) this flow applies. Did you already place on opt-in form on your website? You can select in that same start block you also wish to send this welcome message to contacts who were already subscribed by checking the accompanying checkbox. 

Next, you need to fill out the sending information and the subject line, and select the message you wish to send from the list in the campaign block.

In this flow the welcome message will be sent immediately after someone subscribes. Would you rather set a different moment? In that case, you can still chance the sending option in your campaign block. That way you can determine the precise moment, or opt to only send the campaign on specific days and times.

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