Example workflow: Recurring occasion

Send a campaign on a regular basis based on date of birth or another date field.

Using this standard flow you can quickly set up a follow-up for a recurring occasion. The most obvious scenario is a birthday email, but you could also use this flow for other often-recurring occasions, like monthly payment reminders for example.

In this example we’ll use this standard flow for a birthday campaign. In the purple start block we opted for the date field “Date of birth”. Next, we further refined our target group to all contacts within a specific list. If needed, you could also select multiple lists at the same time.

Besides the data field you can also use that same start block to determine how often you wish to activate this flow. For a birthday email you need to indicate to check this yearly, but for other scenarios you could also indicate to check the date once, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and twice a year.

If you wish to send your campaign on your contact’s birthday, your start block is now finished. But you could also opt to send the campaign a number of days, weeks or months before or after the birthday. It’s best to send a simple birthday wish on the day itself, but if you’re offering your contacts a discount or gift, you should give them enough time to actually claim that discount.

Just as with a regular campaign you fill out all the sending information, insert your subject line, and choose the message you wish to send from the list.

Do you need more blocks for your scenario? You can easily add new steps by clicking on the plus-icon at the correct place.

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