Example workflow: Follow-up on contact request

Create a quick follow-up for contacts that ask for more information through one of your forms.

The way a company approaches you after you fill out a contact form has a big impact on your final decision. Research even shows that the quicker you respond, the bigger the chance your contacts will buy from you. Also the way you approach them is important: nowadays potential customers want to know they are taken care of. You should always have a good follow-up ready.

In this flow we’ll use the example of a moving firm. Whenever a contact completes the contact request form on the website they want to set up a simple and quick follow-up. We’ll start with a notification block. We’ll alert our internal sales team that a new contact has filled out the contact form.

For the internal notification you need to fill out the name of your notification, the addressee and the subject line. Using personalisation we’ve also added the necessary contact information to the form, so that sales gets enough information to be able to contact this new lead.

If you often receive new requests, it could take a couple of hours before someone from the sales department can follow up on a new contact. By immediately sending a confirmation email to your new contact, he or she will know that you successfully received their question. In this campaign, you can already give some basic information, like the strengths of your company or product for example. 

In this campaign block you need to fill out the sending information, insert the subject line and select the message that you want to send.

Besides the personal follow-up of your sales department, we’ll also send a new automated campaign after two days. Of course you can still change that period, for example when your buying cycle takes more time. Click on the wait block and insert the wait period that you want to use.

To show our new lead that we’re not just a simple moving firm, but that we like to work together with our customers, we’ll send them a fun campaign containing 10 moving tips. Especially contacts that have never moved before, will be very happy with these kinds of tips. This approach shows that you as a company want to genuinely help your customers, and that you have expertise in your domain.

Next we wait to see what our contact does with this campaign. If he or she opens our campaign with tips, then that is interesting information to give to our sales department. If they haven’t been able to reach the contact yet, they do know if he or she is still interested.

Choose the campaign from your previous block from the list in your wait block. If needed, you can also further refine your target group.

When contacts have opened the campaign, we’ll send a new internal notification. Fill out your sending information. You can directly type in the message you want to send in this screen, or select an already existing one from the list.

Would you like to further extend your follow-up? You can always add new blocks by clicking on the plus-icon.

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