What can the web version (weblink) of a message be used for?

It might feel counterintuitive. When you are sending an email campaign, of course you mainly focus on email as a carrier for your message. However, there are several very good reasons why you want to make your message available in a browser as well. Here they are:

Avoid rendering issues and extra functionality

Mail clients are their own programs. Whether they are desktop, web based, or mobile, there is a large variety of mail clients and, even though things are going in the right direction, not all of them necessarily support the language you want to use to make your message the most attractive, trendy or functional.

Most mail clients will not read javascript. For example, if you want to send out messages for star-based customer satisfaction, that will most probably not work well in a mail client.

Browser integration access

Users perceive browsers to be more interactive than emails. And sometimes they are. Most advanced users work with browser integrated apps or extensions such as password managers, full-screen screenshot takers, grammar and spelling checkers, etc. Allowing those users to review your message from a browser will give them access to your favorite tools and make them more comfortable with your content.

Future reference

When your message is available as a web page, it can be bookmarked for a future reference by your contacts.

Social media exposure

Email is not as easily shareable as web content. Let’s say you send out a particularly pretty and stylish campaign, an interesting article, or an important message, your contacts will want to share it. Having a link to copy and send out or share it on their social media feed. Those shares will bring up your brands awareness and might even bring you new subscribers.  

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