Resubscribing a blocked contact

A blocked contact is a contact that is on the blacklist, with Hard Bounce or Spam as the reason stated. You cannot delete these contacts manually like a blacklisted contact with Unsubscribed, Manually Added or Bounced Out as a reason.

Sometimes, blocked contacts have been on the blacklist for a long time while their email address is active again, or they decide they want to receive the emails again.

There are two ways in which you can add these contacts to the database again:

  • If you have a Flexmail opt-in form on your website, you can ask them to resubscribe via this form.
  • If you do not have an opt-in on the website, you can create an opt-in form and have it completed by your contacts, so that they can give their consent to being resubscribed.

The second possibility is shown step by step below.

Creating an opt-in form

First, you create an opt-in form in your account via Forms > Opt-in.

  1. Click op Create new form.

  2. In the first step, you enter a name for your new opt-in form and select the language. The language you choose here will be used for all texts and buttons in the form. Next, click Choose your fields.

  3. Add the fields that should be displayed in your opt-in form. You can select all the fields you have created so far. Select the desired field from the drop-down list. You can determine the field order by dragging the added fields by means of the two lines to the left-hand side. You can also indicate whether the field is mandatory during the subscription process. Next, click To form settings.

  4. In the next step, enter the sender details required for sending the confirmation email to the subscribing contacts. Here, you can also opt for subscribing your contacts to certain public interests. Your contacts can still customise these interests on their profile page later on. Next, click Save form.

  5. After you have created the opt-in form, you can find the HTML code via the Embed your form button. You need this code to add the form to a page.

  6. On a pop-up screen, you can see the HTML code you can copy and a description of the best way to place this code on the landing page.

Creating a landing page

After the opt-in form has been made, you can create a landing page on which you can add the form. You can create a landing page via Automation > Landing pages.

  1. Click Create new landing page.

  2. Here, it is important that the HTML editor is chosen, because we have to add the opt-in form.

  3. Add a text and possibly an image or logo to this page. At the spot where you want to place your form, you have to add the HTML code that you previously saved while creating the opt-in form.

  4. Save the first part under the head section of your HTML code. Add the second part of the code – the i-frame – to the body section, at the place where the form has to become visible. Click update to implement the changes.

  5. You will not see the form in the message, but when you open the web version of the landing page , you can see the entire page with the form.

You can use the link at the top of this web version to have the contact (re)subscribe to the database.

Always use the URL of the web version. The URL of the sample message will not work properly while the subscription procedure is in progress.

Once the contacts have subscribed, they receive a confirmation email in which they have to confirm they want to receive the emails and can receive them. Once the contact has done this, the contact appears again in the database of the account.

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