How to restart my workflows after going through the Contact Converter

From the moment you want to go through the Contact Converter, and there is still a workflow active that uses list parameters (like "contact was added to a list"), we will automatically pause them when starting the Contact Converter. 

You can restart the workflows after the Contact Converter, but keep the following in mind:
  1. It's better to duplicate your workflow and make the changes in the new workflow, launching it once you're ready. 
  2. If you use references to lists in your workflow, you first have to change them to segments.
  3. The block "add contact to a list" will no longer work, because you only have 1 list left after the contact converter: your entire database. You need to ensure in your workflow that the contacts meet the conditions of the segment in which they should end up and change this block to the database, instead of the previous list. We understand that this sounds very complicated, so we provided an example below to explain.
Do not adjust your entire workflow, only the necessary blocks. The more adjustments you make to the workflow, the more likely you are that the workflow freezes and/or no longer works correctly.
To restart the workflow, whether or not after an adjustment, click on the "start" icon or open the workflow and click on save and start at the bottom of the page.

Let's see an example for better clarity:

Let's say you made a form on your website and you need contacts that register, to be added to a specific list. To accomplish this, you created a workflow. After the Contact Converter, the lists you used in the workflow, do not exist anymore, because they are now converted to a segment. Segments work, based on certain triggers that contacts have. To make sure the contacts still end up in the correct segment, you need to change two parts in the workflow and change the segment you want to use.

Change the “add to list” block

First you will have to change the “add to a list” block: contacts always need to be added to the database first, since all the contacts and their data will be stored in the database. So you change this block to add to the database (or the name of the database, in case you changed it).

Change the segmentation

Change the segmentation in order to add contacts to this segment. All the segments will automatically be created based on source, where the source is the name of the previous list. Since you can’t add a source via a workflow, you can use an interest label for example (or a preference, custom field, …).

Now add a new trigger to the segment to make sure, all contacts with this interest label will be added to the segment.

Add a new block

You changed the “add to list” block and the segment. Now the only thing you need to do is make sure the contacts will have this interest, in order to be added to the segment.

To do this, you simply add a new block to the workflow, where you add the interest label to the contact you just added to the database.

Your workflow should look something like this:

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