Campaign overview page

In the third step of creating a campaign you will see an overview of everything you have set up in the previous steps. Here is the best place to verify all the information and make sure that everything is in order. If you have already sent a campaign, you can find an overview in the campaign report. This article will show you what campaign details you will be able to see and what you should keep in mind when checking the campaign overview.

In the overview page all the information is organised in the following sections:


Here you can verify the following information:

  • Name
  • Category 
  • Receivers

Sending data

Under this section you can check if the following are correct:

  • Subject
  • Sender name
  • Sender email
  • Reply-to email address


Make sure you have selected the right message. Click on Preview to take a look at the message.

  • Message name
  • Message type


Here you can check which segments you have selected.

Attention (automatic messages for campaign settings)

Some settings may have an impact on your campaign, e.g. your blacklist settings and Link Tracking. To make sure you don’t miss them, we will list them up here.

Make sure to also check if there is a text version of your message as this increases the deliverability of your campaign.

Link Tracking

If you added Link Tracking to your message, you will see a list of the links here.


When you add a form in your message, you can double check if this is the right form.


Depending on your subscription, you can also add surveys in your message. A list of the surveys in the message, will appear under this section. 

Landing pages

A landing page can be used if you want to link to a page behind your message, e.g. to give more detailed information about a topic. All the landing pages added to the message, will be listed here.

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