Configure email header and email footer

Flexmail completes all email messages with a header and a footer by default. The header contains a hyperlink to a browser version of the message. The footer contains the unsubscribe and update links. In your account settings, you can adjust the visibility of the header and footer of your messages.

  1. Go to the Settings > Update header and footer section of your account.

  2. Here you can indicate whether your message will show a header and a footer and what the footer should contain.
  3. If you choose to disable the header and footer of your messages, you can use the #show_in_browser#, #unsubscribe# and #update# placeholders to manually add those elements which are usually contained in the header and footer in your message as a web link.
    If you disable the footer or the unsubscribe link in the footer, you must manually insert an unsubscribe link in your message, or else your message cannot be sent. Disabling the footer or the unsubscribe link in it is not recommended. 

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