Drag & Drop Builder: Manage structures

This article will tell you how you can manage structures in the Drag & Drop Builder - one of the three tools Flexmail offers you to create messages. If you want to learn how you can create an entire message in the Builder, click here

The Builder is a drag and drop message editor. You have a canvas (the body of the message), which contains structures. A structure contains the elements - buttons, images, text, ... - and controls their layout - order, size, margins, ... 

Read on to learn more about what structures there are and how they are useful to manage your content. 

  1. First, create a message or open any message created via the Drag & Drop Builder. To your right, click on the Structure tab.

  2. Choose your Structure carefully
    • Empty Structures only give you a specific layout and no specific content element. You will recognize them by the dashed inner line.
    • Predefined Structures give you a specific layout and a specific content element. You will recognize them by the element icon inside.
    • Structures specifying the layout for displaying your message on smartphones give you the same content on desktop but different content on mobile devices. The previews tell you how your content will be displayed. You will recognize them by the smartphone in the thumbnail.
  3. Drag and drop any structure onto the canvas. Click on the background of the structure and you will open the Structure properties.
  4. Adjust your Row background and Content background color.

  5. If your structure has multiple columns, you can adjust the structure background color and margin per column.

  6. In the canvas, by clicking on the little gear icon on the top of any structure, you can Duplicate and Remove the structure, or make it part of your Dynamic content.

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