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Alt text is short for 'alternative text'. You need to add alternative text to your images for several reasons. First, it will show up instead of your images if they fail to load due to anti-spam measures or poor connection. Second, the visually impaired use software to 'read' their messages. That software reads the alt text to describe the images in the message. Third, search engines can keywords in the alt text of your message. 

This article will walk you through a couple of helpful examples of adding alt text to your images in all of those three tools - the Drag & Drop Builder, the Wizard Template and the HTML Editor.

Here, we assume you already have images in your message. Click on the link to learn more details about how to add an image before you can add alt text to it. 

Drag & Drop Builder

  1. You can click on the image to open the Image properties.
  2. To your right you will find the Alt Text settings.
  3. Just type your alt text in and click away. It will be saved automatically. 

Wizard Template

In the Wizard Template, the only way to add alt text to an image is via the Articles.

  1. Click on the Articles element to expand its options. 
  2. Click on Add an article to open the WYSIWYG editor for that article.
  3. Next, click on the Insert/Edit Image button to upload or edit your image. 
  4. Click on the Browse button to find your image, and then add your Image Description - that will be your alt text. 
  5. Click on Insert to apply the changes.

HTML Editor

  1. Click on the Insert/Edit Image button to upload or edit your image.

  2. Click on the Browse button to find your image, and then add your Image Description - that will be your alt text. 
  3. Click on Insert to apply the changes.

Support tip
Make sure you do not use double quote " in the alt text.

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