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Plugging your social media into your messages could earn you some extra traffic. In Flexmail you have automated ways to add social media buttons in the three tools we use to build messages - the Drag & Drop Builder, the Wizard template and the HTML Editor.

Drag & Drop Builder

  1. In the Element tab you can find the Social element. Drag and drop it onto the canvas over an empty structure.

  2. Your social media buttons will now appear in the canvas. Click on the buttons element in the canvas to open the Social properties.

  3. Click on Select icon to customise the style of your icons.

  4. Click on the Edit button (the pencil) to add the link of your social media account to the icons. 
  5. Click on the Add button to add another social media account, different from the default. You can choose between:
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Flickr
    • Twitter
    • Blogger
    • WordPress
    • Squarespace
    • Vimeo
    • Xing
    • E-mail
    • Website

  6. At the bottom part of the properties section, you can adjust the size, the alignment, the spacing and the margins

Wizard template

  1. Expand the Social Media element and add your social media account in the corresponding field. 
  2. Leave a field empty, and that social media account will not appear on your template.

HTML Editor

  1. Make sure the cursor is placed where your social media buttons should appear. Click on the Facebook icon.

  2. With the Social media pop-up you can add your social media accounts one by one. Click on the social media icon in the list to select the size of the icon and add it to your template.

  3. At the bottom, you can also pre-type a message your contacts could share on their social media or a message they could send to their contacts, sharing your social media. Sharing your social media in this way is only possible in the HTML Editor.

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